Directed by Andrew Molina
Burn/Indican, opens September 19, Cinema Village

It's not easy being a green warrior, as mercenaries in Colombia's perilous emerald trade are called. Eishy Hayata should know. A Japanese American immigrant, he fought scam artists, guerrillas, kidnappers, corrupt officials, a telenovela-villainess ex-wife, the Cali cartel, and (gasp!) labor unions to become one of the world's top emerald exporters. A legendarily hands-on businessman, executive producer Hayata wrote and stars as the titular rock jock in his own adaptation of his bestselling memoir; many in the cast also play themselves—which only begins to explain the muddled script and leaden acting that mar this vanity project. The filmmakers may have aimed for doc-like authenticity, but the result is more like a QVC fabulous fake. —Jorge Morales

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