Come Out Fighting

Boxing George Bush Into a Corner in 2004

Cut to an abandoned baseball stadium: Across the country, professional baseball games were postponed.

Menacing music.

So why were 140 members and associates of two families with close business and social ties to the Bush family—the bin Ladens, and the royal family of Saudi Arabia—allowed the only flights out of the country on those days? The monologue might get a little dry at this point—explaining all those ties: the Saudi family's bailing out Bush Jr.'s Harken Oil, for example. The racquetball games between Colin Powell and Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador who brokered the favor. It might get complicated, laying out how, as ground zero was aflame and Arabs were being hustled into FBI interrogation rooms around the nation almost at random, the dozens of people most likely to be able to shed light on the suspects were ushered out of the country under FBI escort.

illustration: Peter Scanlan

At least the ending could be punchy.

Blank screen.


Call the White House at 1-202-456-1414 and ask George W. Bush why his administration denies those flights ever took place.

Fade in: the rugged, all-American face of Rand Beers.

Cue music.

They're making us less secure, not more secure.

Repeat as necessary. 'Til victory is ours.

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