Testing to Create Dropouts?

Playing the Numbers Game for Kids' Futures

More than 100 students answered, and some joined the lawsuit, but not all the responses to the judge's letter have yet been tallied. Has Klein seen Weinstein's letter and the responses so far?

New York City high schools discharged more than 55,000 students from high schools during the 2000-01 school year. Is Klein going to send out letters to those students and ask how many were pushed out, by whom, and where they are now? Are any of the teachers and principals going to be made accountable for not telling these "undesirables" their legal right to not be thrown out of school?

And specifically, what kind of system is Klein putting in place to check on whether the push-outs are continuing, and where?

Franklin K. Lane High School: lost dreams
photo: Melissa Regan
Franklin K. Lane High School: lost dreams

In the August 7 Daily News, Elisa Hyman, deputy director of Advocates for Children of New York and the lawyer in charge of the class-action suit, advocates "better funding for instruction, remedial help, truancy-prevention services and facilities such as science labs." Also attention to kids with disabilities, including, I would add, hearing and vision problems.

But how about bringing back Tony Alvarado as chancellor? And will the state board of regents replace Richard Mills with a commissioner to whom high-stakes testing is not a fundamental religion? And what's happening to the Franklin K. Lane students abandoned by the school system?

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