In Defense of Sluts

Sluts are emotionally unstable. I'll concede that some sluts need therapy, some sluts use sex to mask insecurities and pain, and some sluts are just plain crazy. I could say the same thing about monogamous people, virgins until marriage, and a certain blonde, booty-shaking pop star. It's time to stop reviewing that copy of Basic Instinct and realize that sluts can be sane and normal as much as the girl next door can be out of her mind. Frequent, inspired sexual activity is not synonymous with psychosis.

I confess that sometimes I wish all sluts were self-aware, articulate, and empowered à la sex worker activist Annie Sprinkle or Zen Slut, but, alas, they aren't. I'm content that there are some very bright ones in the world, spreading a more sex-positive message for young sluts everywhere.

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