General Alarm

Conspiracy Theorists See Clark as Another Piece of the Waco Puzzle

The report pointed out that "two senior Army officers were asked to evaluate the FBI's proposed operations plan for April 19, and consistently refused to do so, as such support would have made them direct participants in planning the arrest of the Branch Davidians, and would have therefore violated the Posse Comitatus Act." The two officers also attended a briefing with Reno on April 14 in D.C., and here the Burton report takes the Clinton administration to task: "While Attorney General Reno has stated that these officers told her the FBI's plan was 'excellent' in one case, and 'sound' in another, both officers have clearly stated they were careful not to evaluate the plan during the meeting. President Clinton and Attorney General Reno have deceived the American people for over seven years by misrepresenting that the military endorsed, sanctioned or otherwise approvingly evaluated the plan."

Wesley Clark's name does not surface in any of this, but one of the two officers who met with Reno was Clark's second in command, General Peter J. Schoomaker. However, it appears that Schoomaker might have been summoned to D.C. because of his past experience with "hostage rescue" situations, not because he was the second in command of the First Cavalry.


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