When you stock your team obsessively with all-stars for fear that you might encounter a pennant race, you richly deserve all of the abuse heaped on you by the rest of the country, local press especially included.

Sinclair Rankin
Vinegar Hill, Brooklyn


Although I like the clear, easy-to-find, and upscale look of the new dance listings, I am concerned that The Village Voice will not be able to accommodate the same number of listings that you have presented in the past. This is a profoundly negative effect on the dance community. I depend on the Voice to be a voice for the diverse and often neglected alternative performances. As a choreographer and performance artist, as well as a presenter and arts manager, I've always found the Voice to be an important resource for intelligent and in-depth listings of current events.

Karen Bernard


Your September 17-23 articles dealing with the undoing of the Bush presidency ("Come Out Fighting" by Rick Perlstein, "Let George Undo It" by James Ridgeway, and "Bush's New Federal Math Leaves Kids Far Behind" by Sydney H. Schanberg) were great. As a business professional who lives and works in the Washington, D.C., area, I can tell you we are getting really tired of the lies and misinformation that have been presented to the public. Thank you for not becoming part of the White House press machine.

Vincent VanLear
Silver Spring, Maryland

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