Playing Footsie

Shoes usually seduce us in more subtle ways by framing a highly erotic part of the body. Practitioners of reflexology use the principle that there are reflexes in the hands and feet that correspond to every muscle, gland, and organ of the body to treat people for all kinds of physical and emotional health problems. The feet are incredibly sensitive to temperature, stimulation, and pressure, which makes them perfect candidates for sexual hot spots.

For me, a fetish for shoes and one for feet go hand in hand (although that's not true for everyone). I like feet dressed up and I like them completely naked. I like my feet pampered and worshiped, although in order for it to be sexual, it's all about the context. For example, when I get a pedicure, my soles are suddenly extremely ticklish and they jerk uncontrollably; I'm jumpy and tense and it's not an erotic experience at all. Like so many turn-ons, I never considered my feet intense erogenous zones until I met a person who showed me what pleasure lay beyond my penny loafers. Now I want them stroked and petted and massaged and licked. Having my toes sucked can be orgasmic. In fact, my partner can take my entire size six-and-a-half in his mouth. Talk about a toe-curling experience. If the mouth fits . . .

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