Kinkphobia Alert!

We are consenting adults who have the right to gather and express ourselves. Because our numbers are large, we need and have the first amendment right to meet in public spaces that can accommodate us. We are not interested in recruiting children or brainwashing bystanders. Our events are not just social and frivolous, but critically important to our community. We teach and we learn, we reach out and we support one another around a common desire to explore different kinds of sexual and emotional relationships. We pay our bills, we don't trash venues, and we don't break the law. We are not hurting anyone (except those we love, with their full consent).

Wright puts a positive spin on the latest attacks against s/m: "The backlash speaks to the progress of the movement. The fact is, our community is larger and more 'out' than ever. There is an event like Black Rose or Fetish in the Fall nearly every weekend. Like the gay and lesbian community and other minorities, the more visible we get, the more of a target we become." A bull's-eye may be forming around the eighth annual meeting of the Leather Leadership Conference (LLC) (, scheduled to take place in Kenner, Louisiana, in April. I suspect that LLC members won't back down if Chief Congemi tries to shut it down. I'm crossing my fingers that kinky folks and our allies from all over will show up in big numbers to prove we are everywhere and here to stay.

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