It's refreshing to see a man care enough to take on an issue that affects women and call out such behavior for what it is: a degrading act of machismo. Sadly, many people readily dismiss articles on women's issues when the writer is a woman and suspected feminist. Kudos for pointing out the destructive male logic behind groping.

Cristina Recalde
Washington, D.C.


Re Grace Bastidas's "It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood" [Liquid City, September 24-30]:

How dare Bastidas refer to Long Island City as "once desolate and industrial"? I have lived here in Hunterspoint for 53 years and have only known this to be a warm, safe, and pleasant area to live in. It was one of New York's best-kept secrets until we were infiltrated by all the newcomers in Citylights and Avalon Riverview. It's time to stop the disparaging remarks and realize that the new residents are just adding to what was already a great place to live.

Gennaro D. Massaro
Hunterspoint, Long Island City

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