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To relive the horror of the '80s, there's that upcoming TV movie that has Ronald Reagan denouncing AIDS sufferers and saying, "Those who live in sin, die in sin." But seeing as he never really said that, I agree with the protesters that this movie is absurdly shoddy and irresponsible and doesn't give Reagan his due! What he actually said was, "So, a bunch of fags and drug addicts have gotten themselves some sick, twisted, terminal disease? Well, let 'em drop! I'm not even gonna go near that subject or even mention the friggin' thing for years!" All right? Give the man his proper respect!

Returning drag diva Mona Foot made controversial AIDS remarks as the host of the live gay game show "Faggot Feud" at xl last week. Mona got booed when she said that from certain angles, Maria Shriver's look is almost AIDS-y. The place almost went haywire, but Mona quickly saved her ebony ass, regretted nothing, and continued to sparkle (as my team continued to lose).

Non-controversially enough, Madonna returns to the small screen in a role of importance, almost kissing Britney again at the end of that "Me Against the Music" video, then mercifully disappearing faster than Swept Away. Otherwise, her most scandalous moment has her putting a cane between her legs and singing, "Hey Britney . . . come over here, I got something to show ya." (As if Brit hasn't seen that snatch before.) Between this and Die Another Day, Madge is now delightfully typed as a leering lesbian dominatrix for life!

"I've gotten this far without a sitcom": Mario Cantone takes Times Square.
photo: Richard Mitchell
"I've gotten this far without a sitcom": Mario Cantone takes Times Square.

Finally, I got something to show ya—the gay mag Metrosource's feature on 50 people they love, from straight to ambiguous (Queen Latifah, Martina Navratilova look-alike Clay Aiken) to "openly gay news anchor" Anderson Cooper. He is? I guess now he is. Now where's Shhhnoopy?


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