Oh, and as an emergency physician, I take care of my patients without regard to insurance status: Besides being federal law, it's the right thing to do.

Devlyn Corrigan, D.O.
Upper East Side


Thank you for your positive and honest article on witches and Halloween ["A City Unmasked," October 22-28]. Eva Yaa Asantewaa did a marvelous job in her research and interviewing articulate individuals who are good representatives of the Wiccan and Pagan paths.

Wendy L. Hawksley
Writer, newWitch magazine
Gatekeeper of the Coven of the Star and Oak
Dover, Delaware


In Jessica Winter's "Mel Gibson's Jesus Christ Pose," two photos were incorrectly captioned. Conspiracy Theory was misidentified as Payback, and vice versa.

Due to a fact-checking error, "Gondor" was incorrectly changed to "Mordor" in J. Hoberman's review of The Matrix Revolutions ["Holy Trinity," November 5-11].

In Amy Phillips's review of the CMJ Music Marathon ("Ballad of Big Nothing," October 29-November 4), it was stated that "Stars Burn Out" is an original by Mary Lou Lord. It is actually by the English group the Bevis Frond.

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