Dollars and sense: Finally, a day for those who are flat broke

November 28 is the busiest shopping day of the year. It's also the seventh annual Buy Nothing Day, a worldwide campaign of theatrical interventions in chain stores and shopping malls to protest sweatshop labor and the spiritual vacuum left by hyper-consumerism. BND is prompted and loosely organized by Adbusters magazine. Hook up with a group planning mischief in NYC by checking

Maybe the most entertaining event of the day will be Reverend Billy's sermon outside the Plaza Hotel at 1 p.m., in which he'll preach, in Southern Baptist-style, about the "mindbending pornography of the free market." He'll be joined by members of his Church of Stop Shopping, who sing uplifting anti-consumerist gospels, one of which goes "Come happy/Leave hungry." Then the Rev and his flock will infiltrate the "transnational flagship battalions" on Fifth Avenue and proselytize about sweatshop labor and banal interior decoration.

The Rev is all shook up about spending.
photo: Stacipop
The Rev is all shook up about spending.


Buy Nothing Day
Friday at 1
Various venues

Ironically, Reverend Billy, a/k/a Bill Talen, has a book coming out on Buy Nothing Day, called What Should I Do If Reverend Billy Is in My Store? (The New Press). Just wait a day to buy it.