At 7:30, 92nd Street Y, 1395 Lexington Avenue, 212.415.5500



A trio with brio: Sylvain Chomet's Triplets of Belleville
image: Sony Pictures Classics
A trio with brio: Sylvain Chomet's Triplets of Belleville

Since the 1960s, King's been generating dances from language, and his Writing in Motion (just out from Wesleyan, with a foreword by our own Deborah Jowitt) collects the fruit of nearly 40 years of his prodigious explorations. He'll share the evening's performing with octogenarian Alenikoff, still a pistol, and sign copies of the book. (King and Alenikoff repeat their performance December 4 at Lincoln Center's Library for the Performing Arts.) ZIMMER

At 8:30, Danspace Project at St. Mark's Church, 131 East 10th Street, 212.674.8194



Rare and wonderful, Boris Barnet's 1928 comedy is a beguiling tale of love and politics in Soviet Moscow—so playful that it sometimes suggests an antic precursorto Man With a Movie Camera. Donald Sosin is the piano man; the screening kicks off Barnet's first U.S. retrospective. HOBERMAN

At 7:30, BAM Rose Cinema, 30 Lafayette Avenue, Brooklyn, 718.777.FILM



The old story about the boy who finds the magic lamp gets a cross-cultural updatein this collaborative piece by London's Motiroti company and our own Builders Association. This time around, global capitalism is the beneficent but fearsome genie, and the lamp that summons it is telemarketing. Count on Builders Association for some appealing techno-fun, at least. FEINGOLD

Through December 6, BAM Harvey Theatre, 651 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 718.636.4100


Fess up now, isn't a brand-new, authentic George Gershwin musical exactly what you wanted for Christmas? This one, produced in London in 1924, is finding its way to New York for the first time, in a concert staging by Musicals Tonight. If you can hum the entire score going in, you've probably been living in the Secaucus warehouse where it was rediscovered in the mid 1980s; Mel Miller of Musicals Tonight unearthed the script last year in a London archive. FEINGOLD

Through December 21, 14th Street YMHA, 344 East 14th Street, 212.868.4444

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