However, one point requires clarification. Robbins states, "Then, up for re-election to her Civil Court post last year, she was denied official Democratic endorsement. . . . López Torres ran anyway, winning re-election on her own and harvesting more votes than any other candidate." While it's clear Judge Lopéz Torres played a vital role in her own re-election, it must also be recognized that she ran on the Green Party ballot line last year. The active grassroots support of Green Party voters and organizers was instrumental to this crusading judge's decisive victory.

Mark Borino
53rd A.D. District Leader
Green Party of New York


Choreographer Renée Archibald was mistakenly identified as Jennifer in Elizabeth Zimmer's review of "Fresh Tracks" ["Emerging," November 19-25].


Congratulations to Nat Hentoff, who was awarded the NEA Jazz Master award on November 19 for "exceptional contributions to the advancement of jazz." This is the first time in the Jazz Masters' 21-year history that a jazz critic has been so honored.

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