If you want to surprise your lover with something daring, try Fiery Nights (babeland.com, $37), a gift pack which comes complete with the Finger Fun Vibe, an inventive cock ring called the Diamond Ring Vibe, and the centerpiece—the Body Wax Candle. Safe to drip onto skin without burning, when this candle melts it transforms into massage oil. If hot wax is merely foreplay to a hotter BDSM scene, check out the luscious leather-sex photography book Kiss of Fire by Barbara Nitke ($40). Or, for the human puppies in your life and the owners/trainers who love them, I recommend Woof! Perspectives into the Erotic Care & Training of the Human Dog by Michael Daniels (leatherdog.com, $14.95). If you want to splurge, the black silicone Puppy Tail Butt Plug (mr-s-leather-fetters.com, $89) is what all the coolest pups will be wearing at the International Puppy & Trainer Contest this year (the Westminster of the kinky world).

Not sure what to get for the sex toy fanatic on your list? Why not go for a stylish way to store all those anal beads and jelly dongs: soft, lint-free Woody Goody bags (early2bed.com, $12), or a flame red Hide Your Vibe Pillow (mypleasure.com, $34.95). You've got to put your booty somewhere when the in-laws come over for the holidays.

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