People who need people hang out on the Lower East Side

Not every Joe banks on spending the evening dancing chaotically, downing tequila shots, and throwing up in a dodgy bathroom stall. Sometimes we just want to sit back, relax, and sip on a martini, and this is exactly what to expect at People, a six-month-old bar on the Lower East Side. Romantic candles and recessed lights illuminate the roomy, two-floor, elegant space where well-dressed mid-20-to-30-year-old singles come to roost. With its white walls, substantial window-front, and wooden 18-foot bar, the polished den offers six specialty martinis including a strong lemonade-flavored People-Citrus (Stoli Ohranj, lime juice, lychee syrup, and a splash of soda, $8), and other infused cocktails like the tangy People-Jito (a mojito with lychee syrup, $8). Munch on cheap finger foods ($4 and up) while listening to a mishmash of music from Matchbox Twenty to Bill Withers's "Lovely Day." But the real draw is People's upstairs loft/parlor, which is replete with a glass-pane waterfall, cushy leather and crushed velvet chaises, chairs, and couches, and a fully stocked bar. In this setting it may be easy to get swept away. Just try not to break out the cigar and silk robe.

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