The Big Easy

Unfortunately, on our way there, we were pulled over by the cops, and shockingly and mysteriously, Buck was arrested for making an illegal left turn. The man in blue insisted it was because Buck was driving in Louisiana with a California driver's license, but I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that among the four of us, we had more tattoos, piercings, and leather attire than the cop had ever seen. It was one of those scenarios that's really hot in porn and really frightening in real life. Especially since this particular officer did not seem interested in taking advantage of me or Kitty or Buck or the boy in exchange for a warning or just a ticket. So we spent our second night at the county jail waiting to bail Buck out, which, again, has erotic potential in fantasies but is scary in real life, especially in the South.

The trip only got wilder from there, but you'll have to tune in next time for all the details. In two weeks, my Southern adventures continue at "N'awlins in November," the annual swingers' convention.

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