The Big Easy

Unfortunately, on our way there, we were pulled over by the cops, and shockingly and mysteriously, Buck was arrested for making an illegal left turn. The man in blue insisted it was because Buck was driving in Louisiana with a California driver's license, but I'm sure it had something to do with the fact that among the four of us, we had more tattoos, piercings, and leather attire than the cop had ever seen. It was one of those scenarios that's really hot in porn and really frightening in real life. Especially since this particular officer did not seem interested in taking advantage of me or Kitty or Buck or the boy in exchange for a warning or just a ticket. So we spent our second night at the county jail waiting to bail Buck out, which, again, has erotic potential in fantasies but is scary in real life, especially in the South.

The trip only got wilder from there, but you'll have to tune in next time for all the details. In two weeks, my Southern adventures continue at "N'awlins in November," the annual swingers' convention.

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Tristan, I just read your article on visiting New Orleans and the Unisexx Club.  I used to dance at that club 2 separate times.  It was nice to hear "that someone had a decent experience there".  When I first got hired there in summer of 1997 the place really packed them in.  At that time I could sometimes perform with 4 different girls on a night.  I always felt that the shows we put on were very erotic and sensual.  Obviously, this was what we were selling especially to the older tourists who would wander in there.  Some of the girls and I worked off schedule to perfect the acts.  I find it strange when I hear "that people were disappointed that were no live sex acts"?  That is not legal anywhere in the U.S.  I would think that anyone would know this?  I have since heard "that the place has gone downhill". Like yourself I wonder why there are not more coed strip clubs in the U.S?  Later on in my life I got hired as a dancer at a club in Dayton however there was absolutely no love dances between male and female dancers permitted.  I was an athlete in high school and I also took some ballet.  I have always felt that a man and woman performing an erotic pas de deaux  is beautiful to see.  I never cared less that I performed wearing just a G-string.  I love to dance and be up front and if you have passion for it then no venue you do this at is too sleazy.  Selling the love acts I danced was fun and cool to do.  If you really wanted to sell it then you really had to have that passion and intensity.  This is the same thing you would see at a ballet.  People, even those in strip joints can sense it and get completely engaged.  When the audience would quiet down then you knew they were enthralled.  I felt that it was a definite "high" to do that.   

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