Bill Kill

How to get the public interested in campaign finance reform? Think Pam Grier.

Inspired by the mind-boggling coalition of groups that fought the FCC's attempt to raise the limit on the number of TV stations one person can own—a coalition that included everyone from the NRA to the ACLU to the conservative Family Values Center—Free Air Time Bill is played by a white-looking black character (Anthony Hopkins) who has infiltrated the KKK and become its lobbyist for a bill to give free television time to all political candidates. Finally, and most importantly, Tarantino himself plays the bill to adopt public financing of campaigns. He's perfect for the role because the main argument against public financing is that our taxes should not be used to support potentially offensive speech, and he does for offensive speech what Ulysses does for going to the bathroom: raises it to an art. In a boldly self-reflexive move, Tarantino's weapon is filmmaking, and he becomes law after making a film about the ways in which American democracy is killing bills—and people too.

Next stop: The White House
photo: ABC/Dala Yitzhak
Next stop: The White House

James Browning is the executive director of Common Cause Maryland.

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