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Speaking Ill

Psychotherapy is notoriously expensive, with some shrinks charging hundreds of dollars an hour to unravel the mysteries of your ego, superego, and id. But psychoanalytic training institutes typically charge much less than that. Sessions at the THEODORE REIK CLINICAL CENTER FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY (150 West 13th Street, 212-924-7440) may cost you as little as $25, depending on your income. Sliding scale. Call to set up intake appointment.

A final word of advice: Do your homework while you're healthy. Make a plan. Nothing can exacerbate an illness like financial stress. The ER must treat you, no matter the cost. But there are many places that want to help you get better without making you feel worse in the wallet.

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Medical expenses are rapidly increasing. The more aware we make patients about such cheap and affordable Healthcare packages, the less chances will the competitors have of ripping people off. Also the postings on hospital reviews or doctor reviews make the doctors and other staff of the hospital more cautious of their reputation and try to do a better job. 


It can definitely be difficult to get healthcare on a budget. If you're in college or recently graduated, you could run into this problem. Finding deals like this to help you with general doctor visits, dental work, and other specialist visits will definitely make things easier on you. I think it's important to do things like this to make things easier on yourself if nothing else. 


Free and Low Cost Health Care is definitely what we should go after. However, we should not compromise on already increasing bad medical reviews about cheap healthcare facilities. The more conscious we make patients about such cheap and affordable healthcare packages. The chances will be for rivals who are looking forward to ripping people off. Moreover, the postings on hospital and doctor review sites make us more conscious of threats that usually behind the low-cost healthcare slogans of some doctors.