Art Attacks

THE PROJECT 37 West 57th Street, third floor, 212-688-4673 For the past five years, this invaluable Harlem space, casually but brilliantly run by Christian Haye, has been the place to see some of the most daring advanced art on the planet, the place where—unless you were constantly globe hopping—you could see it first. Now, in what's got to be the most contrary move ever, the Project has moved to the most unlikely place possible: posh 57th Street. Let's hope it stays one jump ahead.

TRIPLE CANDIE 461 West 126th Street, 212-865-0783 Triple Candie, a rough and beautiful 5,000-square-foot brick-walled space in an old brewery building, materialized in December 2001 on the same Harlem block where the Project then was. Since then, Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett, the couple who run it, have been quietly but steadily showcasing hip young Harlem artists, bringing work by hot new international artists to a Harlem audience, and emphasizing large site-specific installations.

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