Making a List

Luomo a/k/a Vladislav Delay, techno producer, Finland: "Will try making the best possible music; will try treating my girlfriend with the respect and support that she has shown me; will try and quit smoking in preparation for coming to play in New York!"

Nick Zinner, guitarist, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, owner of best hair in rock: "To grow taller."

Christine Renee, downtown DJ: "To travel more. I'm ready. I think my first stop will be Berlin in February."

illustration: Christopher Neal

Troy Pierce, DJ-producer: "To learn German and learn to live without Taco Bell."

Matt E. Silver, üaut;ber-club promoter: "To start going out again and help make New York City the nightlife capital of the world again."

Frankie Knuckles, legendary house DJ: "As a rule, I don't make resolutions. They're hard to commit to and live up to. But one focus that remains true with me is to not only continue to work on blurring the lines racially & ethnically but sexually also. I think my music helps to bolster this feeling."

John Selway, techno DJ-producer: "I resolve to grab the mic, kick out the jams, finish another album and finally sign a damn publishing deal already. The Responsible Space Playboys resolve to jack you in 2004. The Neurotic Drum Band resolves to get neurotic. Memory Boy resolves."

Justine D, Motherfucker DJ: "To be a more understanding person of big shady nightclub overlords, open up my own live music and dance venue, and live my life as an honest, trustworthy club owner."

Mat Devine, singer, Kill Hannah, Chicago: "I will not have sex with Winona Ryder this year."

Silver, techno DJ-producer: "To give NYC a fun new night of music and debauchery (at a new place), put out an album with NUDE, and continue my fierce battle against bad mainstream-MTV music."

Richard Humpty Vission, house DJ, Chicago: "Walk my dog every day and stop signing girls' breasts. Maybe one of two would be good!"

Tommie Sunshine, DJ, perpetual wearer of sunglasses at night: "I resolve in 2004 to covertly and mercilessly kill my girlfriend's three dogs."

Michael T, Motherfucker DJ: "To become the first club promoter Unabomber! Every time a club and/or club owner tries to fuck us over at Motherfucker, I simply won't get mad anymore—just even. I'll blow the sucker up . . . real good! Naturally, I'll be in full Combat Fatigue Drag Realness! My new alias will be Michael Abdul Hummus T."

Andrew Andrew, professional twins, iPod fanatics: "Try to get our resolutions mentioned in the Village Voice." Consider it done, boys. Happy New Year!

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