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The nominees will be: Aghdashloo, Harden, Hunter, Johansson, Zellweger.

SUPPORTING ACTOR: The insanely diverse choices include Albert Finney for Big Fish (big ham), Tim Robbins for Mystic Pizza (this year's Michael Moore?), Peter Sarsgaard for Shattered Glass (shatteringly good), William H. Macy for Seabiscuit (I see biscuit, I eat it), Benicio Del Toro for 21 Jump Street (superb in an irritating movie—so what else is new?), Alec Baldwin for The Cooler (a bad flick, but it's not his fault), Ken Watanabe for The Last Samurai ("Let me tell you how he lived. . . . "), Paul Bettany for Master and Commander (he's Jennifer Connelly's hubby. If he's nominated, can he still dump her on the way in?), the gang from Rings 3 (yeah, right, it's a movie about acting), Wentworth Miller for The Human Stain (can he pass for a nominee?), and Djimon Hounsou for In America (in doubt—though he does have a big screaming scene).

Praying for Oscars: Sean Penn (in Mystic River)
photo: Warner Bros.
Praying for Oscars: Sean Penn (in Mystic River)

The nominees will be: Del Toro, Macy, Robbins, Sarsgaard, Watanabe.

The nominees for Best Short Subject will be . . . Do you honestly think I give a shit?


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