Bill Moyers—Practicing Dissent

Castro's 'Free' Universal Education

Says Yolanda Huerga Cedeño to the American defenders of Castro: "We the grown-ups understand no better than our children what is happening in our country. Why does the state education system oblige children to scream slogans they cannot even comprehend, instead of just letting them be children?"

As for her husband's plight, she says, "How can expressing opinions in a journalistic text be taken to constitute a violation of the 'law of protection of the national independence and the economy of Cuba'? . . .

"I heard that Cuban parents who have not allowed their children to participate in political gatherings have been threatened with 'revolutionary justice' carrying lengthy imprisonment for 'acts against the normal development of a minor.' "

Ah, what a wonderment Castro has achieved in "universal, free education" in Cuba! Will the American Library Association give him the annual Immroth Award for Intellectual Freedom that it gave me in 1983?

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