Jan Bennett
Covelo, California


Congrats to Nat Hentoff and the Voice for running the series about the ALA's cowardice ["A U.S. Librarian Defends Castro," January 7-13]. It will be a black mark on my profession for a hundred years—just as the McCarthy era was for Hollywood. Librarians who have been fighting against computer filtering and Bush-created rules of control, via the Patriot Acts, have failed to stand up for their colleagues in Cuba. Many librarians do not support this cowardice, including myself, a 25-year librarian working at a state library commission. All of us anti-Castro librarians will be glad when the ALA reverses its position.

Steve Fesenmaier
Charleston, West Virginia


Congratulations to Voice art critic Kim Levin, who has been named a 2004 fellow for the USC Annenberg/Getty Arts Journalism Program. The fellowship, which is founded by a grant from the J. Paul Getty Trust, offers mid-career journalists new perspectives on arts criticism. Fellows travel to Los Angeles for a three-week stay, meeting with local artists and the heads of cultural institutions.


On page 48 of the January 21-27 issue, the William Eggleston photo should have been credited to: William Eggleston/courtesy of Cheim & Reid, New York.

In that same issue the photo on page 26 was miscredited. The credit should have read: Frances M. Roberts.

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