Adieu, Tiny Lawsuits

Lingua Franca Freelancers Fight Back

Geltzer may have alternate strategies, one of which surfaced in the courtroom last week. When Judge Beatty suggested a Tuesday for the next hearing, Bruh objected, saying that his boss has a commitment on Tuesdays, "and on Thursdays, he is a student."

JUDGE BEATTY: A student?

BRUH: He is pursuing a master's of English at City University.

THE JUDGE: Is he starting a second career?

BRUH: He would like to teach.

THE JUDGE: Obviously not law.

BRUH: Your Honor, that's not fair to the trustee.

THE JUDGE: Why would you take a degree in English if you wanted to teach law?

A silence followed, after which the judge set the next court date for a Wednesday in mid March. Observers were left to wonder what Geltzer might be reading now: "The Man of Law's Tale"? Babbitt? I'm Losing You?

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