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By the way, trying to lighten up puritanical America on this subject has been even harder than getting people to fuck my sister. Me snarling "Even you have breasts perhaps" to a Family Research Council lady on TV didn't go over as delightfully as I'd hoped. Then New York magazine sardonically asked people what they'd book for next year's halftime show. I said Janet should unveil Justin's privates and Britney should run out and squeal, "I told you so." The remark was censored!

Meanwhile—if I can continue, unfettered—ballsy Rosie O'Donnell showing up at Martha Stewart's trial may have been a case of good gay/bad gay. Ms. Martha wants to put Baby in her place and paint Douglas Faneuil as a ditzy circuit queen, so she brings in the established mom and righteous soothsayer, right?. . . Over in the straight world, I recently got a promo e-mail from Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ, citing rousing endorsements from right-wing maniacs like Rush Limbaugh and Pat Robertson and anti-Semites like Billy Graham. No wonder Mel's doing even more cutting than Bertolucci.

The Fog of War subject Robert McNamara has now made cutting remarks about how history is repeating itself with Iraq. "It's morally wrong, it's politically wrong, it's economically wrong," the ex-Vietnam War point man just told the Toronto Globe and Mail. Otherwise, he thinks it's swell! . . . I hear another former presidential accessory, Gennifer Flowers, felt sick and bolted BOOBS! The Musical (which then posted a closing notice). I guess these days, just one boob is more compelling . . . Moving on to another revue, there's no food, but a little dish at They Wrote That?, the reminiscence from songwriting married couple Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil. Weil says Bette Midler altered one of her lyrics—from "I love you" to "you love me"—"so it went from a tribute to love to a tribute to narcissism just by switching two lousy words." God! Go fuck myself! . . . BELCH!

Dinner is served: Michael Pitt, star of The Dreamers
photo: Cary Conover
Dinner is served: Michael Pitt, star of The Dreamers

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