Who Speaks for Liberty in Cuba?

'What Does Hentoff Know of the Real Cuba?'

Acosta then gave the same answer for the defeat of the resolution that a number of members of the ALA council have also been giving: the "aggressions" of the American government against Cuba, including "lies and subversion, such as the 'independent libraries.' "

Here we have a Castro official understandably approving of that particular part of the ALA's final report that avoids any direct affront to the Maximum Leader by refusing to tell him to release the independent librarians.

By the way, the final report recommended that the UN Commission on Human Rights conduct a special investigation in Cuba of "freedom of access to information and freedom of expression, especially in the cases of those recently imprisoned."

Among the members of the UN Human Rights Commission are: Cuba, and such other protectors of free expression as China, Zimbabwe, and Sudan. Has the ALA's governing council no shame?

Mr. Acosta in a subsequent message asks tartly, "What does Mr. Hentoff know of the real Cuba?" I know that if I were a Cuban, I would be in prison.

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