Brian Tankersley
Waco, Texas


Due to an editing error, a critical fact in Wayne Barrett's story was inaccurately reported last week ["Sleeping With the GOP," February 4-10]. Roger Stone's name was substituted for Charles Halloran's in a sentence about payments from the campaign. Halloran, not Stone, collected nearly $5,000 in expense reimbursement. The campaign owes Halloran, not Stone, $50,000 through December 31. It's the only time Halloran, not Stone, can recall running a campaign on trust. As the story reported elsewhere, Stone's services were "donated," a potentially illegal "in-kind contribution from a professional consultant."

Also, Wayne Berman is not a registered lobbyist of the Carlyle Group, as reported in the same piece. Common Cause described him as "lobbying for Carlyle," but was apparently referring to the seven-figure finder's fee Berman was paid by Carlyle for pension-fund placement. Also, George H.W. Bush left Carlyle late last year. Tommy Hallissey was inadvertently left off the research credit for this story.

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