The Diminishing of John Ashcroft

A Bipartisan Groundswell of Rebellion

"[This] bipartisan groundswell in communities across the nation," the Globe continues, "will reshape the national debate if it continues to accelerate with support from disparate groups, from gun owners to librarians to fiscal conservatives."

There is even support for revising some of the language of the Patriot Act from Marc Racicot, chairman of George W. Bush's re-election campaign! The November 3 Weekly Standard quotes Racicot as saying:

"I'm not aware of any act, or any piece of legislation . . . that has ultimately ended up in a situation where it did not have to be refined." Racicot added that he expects there will be "refinements [to the Patriot Act ] . . . so that it does not end up invading the civil rights of any American." Tell that to the president and the attorney general!

The besieged attorney general
The besieged attorney general

So why isn't the Democratic Party making the Bush-Ashcroft war on the Bill of Rights a central part of the presidential campaign—joining the groundswell extending from Brewster all across the country?

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