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To check out some drama dykes, I finally watched an episode of The L Word in hopes of seeing who that kooky concoction is really for. The show started with two hot women making out as a guy peered through a window, jerking off. I rest my Birkenstocks, your honor.

I strapped on my Adidas for that hip-hoppy Chekhov update, Drowning Crow—a/k/a Anton in the Tropics—which makes fun of Raisin in the Sun retreads and even "Puff Diddly Dee." (Offstage, co-star Anthony Mackie has even trashed Combs's casting as disrespectful to the black community.) But this often pretentious, name-droppy work, which is mad at so much of African American culture, adds so alarmingly little to it that the first half rivals Bobbi Boland, and overall, it's even less stimulating than the hip-hop version of Pygmalion in Drama Queen!

Meanwhile, back in the shtetl, how great is Barbara Barrie? I hear that after the veteran actress was axed from Fiddler on a Hot Tin Roof—I mean Fiddler on the Roof—the producers wanted to announce a mutual parting of ways, but she insisted that, rather than sugarcoat things, they should admit she'd been flat-out fired. This way, younger actors will know this can happen and you go on. Tradition!

As for perdition, you've heard those denied murmurs that David Gest is locally applying Diana Ross to his bruised areas. Well, at the Museum of TV & Radio's Tom Brokaw tribute last week, Dominick Dunne told me, "I hope it's true. It's beyond." Onstage, the evening's emcee, Conan O'Brien, was busy with his own harrowing agenda, saying, "A world without Brokaw is like Sam Donaldson without that thing on his head."

Finally, here are some other things Mel Gibson's father swears never happened: Lethal Weapon 4, Mel's hair plugs, the drama queen being thrown out of the window in Braveheart, Mel's gay remarks, The Patriot, and this column. Anyway, I could go all night.

SPECIAL TO THE WEB: My only problem with gay marriage is that if it ever becomes legal in our state, my folks will say, "Now why aren't you married?" But otherwise, it seems like a civil rights inevitability that mainly tends to offend high-ground moralists like Jesse "It was not a love child" Jackson and Arnold "Gropinator" Schwarzenegger. And things are moving forward so quickly on this issue that even more gay people are getting married now than in the ’50s. (Remember Rock Hudson?) People are tying the gay knot in San Francisco, they'll soon be doing so in Massachusetts, and Chicago mayor Richard Daley has come out in favor of same-sex marriage. So activist-journalist Andrew Miller wants to know one thing: "Where is the mayor of the city with the largest gay and lesbian community in the country on this issue?" Mayor Bloomberg has adamantly refused to act on same-sex marriage, which has prompted Miller to urge the community to meet in order to plan a massive demonstration targeted at City Hall. The meeting will take place on Friday, February 27, from 6:30 to 8 p.m. at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Community Center (208 West 13th Street, room 101). I'll bring the gay rice.


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