DeAndra Bernard-Bernard


Erik Baard's article on police psychology was fine ["Misfire: Why Brain Structure Makes Unintended Shootings Inevitable," February 4-10], but no one seems to be examining the big picture. Given a choice between taking a bullet from a crook because he didn't fire fast enough in defense, or jumping the gun (no pun intended) and shooting an unarmed civilian, a cop must take the bullet. The job comes with obvious risks and bravery demands this, because it is far worse for a cop to kill an innocent civilian than for a criminal to kill a cop. (Also, cops have on bulletproof vests, unlike criminals or civilians.) As long as the NYPD allows cops to shoot anyone dead any time they are "scared," innocent people will continue to die unnecessarily.

Peter Gerber
West Village


I want to thank Sydney Schanberg and The Village Voice for finally opening my eyes to the importance of the upcoming presidential election. I am 56 years old, and have never voted in my life. I have always been noncommittal concerning politics. But all that changed after I read Schanberg's "George Bush, Make-Believe President" [February 18-24]. Schanberg made his position absolutely clear. So I've decided to register and vote in the upcoming elections. As I am retired, I will also become active in candidates' campaigns, and devote my full time and energy to their elections.

We can no longer let liars determine policy for this country. And with the help of people like Mr. Schanberg, recruiting people like me to the conservative movement, we will have a huge advantage.


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