Jonathan Lund
Duluth, Minnesota

If you've got it, flautist

Re Francis Davis's Sidestage [March 3-9]: Davis has it right that James Moody has never been well recorded, but obviously he's never seen Moody play flute with Dizzy live in a quintet setting—as good as it gets!

Ashley Seward
Greenwich Village


Re Michael Atkinson's article on British horror films ["Frighty Blighty: Mad Dogs, Razor Blades, and Englishmen," March 3-9]:

In 1991 I was on a month-long solo tour of the U.K., and spent my off days in the seaside town of Whitstable. One wintry afternoon I was out walking on the beach with my tour manager, when we spotted a lone spectral figure with a dog coming toward us out of the mist.

"That's Peter Cushing," whispered my companion. "He lives in a house down the beach."

As a longtime horror-film aficionado, I could scarcely contain my delight, and walked up and introduced myself. "Mr. Cushing, I'm a huge fan of your work."

He graciously shook my hand, then fixed his penetrating gaze on me: "And where do you hail from, young man?"

"I live in New York City," I replied.

"Ahhhh, New York!" Dr. Frankenstein smiled diabolically. "They have marvelous electricity there!"

Gary Lucas
Greenwich Village


In Tricia Romano's "Pro-Finnish" [Spring Arts Preview, March 3-9] and Club Crawl, the label Kompakt was incorrectly described as being located in Berlin. Kompakt is actually a Cologne-based label.

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