Alice Baker
Sacramento, California

Trading places

Re "The Ambition Tax": I understand the problems many of these young people are experiencing. However, somewhere down the line, somebody has fed them a load of crap regarding what is a decent career.

I am not college educated, and most of my dearest friends are not as well. Instead of going to college, we became tradesmen: plumbers, tile men, electricians, welders, etc. It is not glamorous work, but it seems to afford us homes and even computers.

It seems somebody brainwashed people into believing that these careers are for the "butt crack showing from your jeans" crowd. Well, bending over can come with the territory, but it beats a long commute and paying off college debt; plus, many times these trades pay better than the white-collar jobs.

Scott Carrington
Raleigh, North Carolina

From the horse's mouth

I enjoyed Benjamin Strong's review of my film Hidalgo ["Horse Platitudes," March 10-16], but I have one problem with it. Our depiction of the Wounded Knee Massacre was not only historically accurate (forgive the dearth of blood—this was Disney), but it was supervised by Lakota historians and medicine men, military advisers and historians, and the scene itself was re-enacted by descendants of both Lakota survivors and Seventh Cavalry soldiers.

We worked hard and went far and beyond to make the first cinematic re-enactment of Wounded Knee authentic. I just screened the film for 490 Oglala-Lakota on the Pine Ridge Reservation and their reaction was the highlight of my career.

John Fusco
Morristown, Vermont


Eva Yaa Asantewaa's "Souls in Motion" (March 10-16) listed an incorrect phone number for Rev. Susan Turchin's Movement as Prayer workshops. The correct number is 212-931-6840.

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