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Meanwhile, I hear that the poster boy for sheer, scandalicious hedonism, COLIN FARRELL, does a full frontal shot in the upcoming A Home at the End of the World, and it'll be the end of my world if it gets cut (the shot, that is).

As for that pinup guy for full frontal lying, Jayson Blair told DAN FORBES of drugwar.com that the coke-crack-and-a-little-heroin-for-sex acts he engaged in were with men! (Hey, I win the office pool; though funny, so does everyone else.) Blair also revealed that he's sorting out sexual issues and "drugs are a way to make myself comfortable with sex." Welcome to Chelsea, honey.


And welcome back to the single life for TOM and PENELOPE, who were such a dazzling, potent couple that it took people two months to even realize they had broken up!

But Bennifer's still being shredded as we speak. You'll remember when Jersey Girl sliced JENNIFER LOPEZ out of its promotions.

Well, now even the flick's main star, BEN AFFLECK, is barely in the mix. The latest ads for the medium stinker show him with no less than four other co-stars! And Ben's looking sideways! Bette Midler would probably say, "What the fuck is he still doing there?"

Good, bad, and fugly

The week's choicest quote? Oscar winner JOHN MILLS re the upcoming Bright Young Things: "At 96, this is my first cocaine movie. I'm thrilled!" The most shameless invite? "Chelsea Clinton Hosts My Big Gay Italian Wedding." (They meant Chelsea-Clinton, the neighborhood!) The biggest high-culture controversy in the works? Prymate, a play opening on Broadway in April, stars an African American man, ANDRE DE SHIELDS, as "an aging gorilla." The second biggest? TONY KUSHNER's work in progress, Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall Be Unhappy, has a scene in which LAURA BUSH reads The Brothers Karamazov to a group of dead Iraqi children!

The wackiest vindication? The kook who licked COURTNEY LOVE's tit in public was holding a copy of the Voice. A person of taste! (Though the guy now has a rap album and a publicist, who called me eight times last week.) And the best career move? A former pig-bottom porn star is now the assistant to one of Hollywood's most powerful flacks. No, wait, that's not a career move at all!


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