Adam Hart
Seattle, Washington

Every inch a king

Re "Lear as Daylight" [March 10- 16]:

I'm so thankful to Michael Feingold for coming out and saying what is most remarkable about the current King Lear. Feingold is the first reviewer who seems to get the intention of the production and to appreciate its deliberate lack of "director's theater" concepts. His brilliant comparison to Richard Maxwell's Henry IV is so right on: Lack of spectacle and capital-D "Direction" is itself a valid directorial choice, as Maxwell has shown in his own plays.

It's refreshing when someone shows us what theater might have been like before movies and before melodramatic warhorses. I imagine the first staging at the Globe could not have been that different.

Garrett Eisler
Upper East Side


Kareem Fahim's "Eyeing the Wrecking Ball" [March 10-16] mistakenly refers to Department of Buildings (DOB) violations recorded against East 45th Development LLC. The violations were issued by the Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD).

The Massimo Vitali photo that appeared in Voice Choices for March 24-30 was misidentified. The correct title of the photo is Pegli West (2000).

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