Introducing: Trannyfags!

If Diamond succeeds as a quasi ambassador of trannyfag porn, and introduces trannyfags to the masses-to people who may have never seen trannyfags and especially trannyfags fucking—the world will be a more enlightened place. Next for Diamond is a book he edited called From the Inside Out that features first-person narratives by people born female who identify as genderqueer, third gender, FTM, or other (due in September from Manic D Press). Plus, he's already at work on a new video he describes as "another trans porn, but this time with lots of different people, not just trannyfags, and kinkier." He's on the lookout for more studs (and studettes) who are ready to get busy on film.

With such determined drive and passion, will the director ever consider working on the other side of the camera? Will we see the Diamond in the buff? "Definitely not. I don't think I possess that exhibitionist quality that a good porn star has," says the budding pornographer. "I really feel that my role is to direct, and if I was in the movie, who would direct me?"

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