Remus Shepherd
Des Moines, Iowa

Family values

Goldstein's article had me in stitches. What these politicians and conservatives fail to see is that by allowing gay marriage, we are upholding the Constitution, allowing human adults to make decisions for themselves. If churches want to ban gay marriage, they have the right to do so. I believe that the government must uphold the equality of all people in this country. We should not be against the creation of family in any form.

The real fear here is that sexuality will run rampant if allowed to express itself further in a public venue. The point is, GLBT people are people, with thoughts, feelings, and morals.

Let's allow adults to be adults and give them the freedom to make adult decisions for themselves. I certainly don't need to be policed or monitored by anyone, and I am free to marry any man I wish. But if I'm gay, I can't marry my lover, no matter how committed and loving we are.

Thank you for being a voice of reason and freedom.

Jennifer Fegan-Szalay
Middleburgh, New York


In "Midnight Records, 1984-2004" [The Sound of the City, March 17-23], Hillary Chute erroneously reported that Midnight Records will now "solely" exist on the Web. Actually, the store is still taking phone, fax, and mail orders.

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