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I don't know if Sean Combs is going down or not, but I hear that the Raisin in the Sun audience guffaws when his character is excited to get a $10,000 check. The real Diddy is so much less oppressed that Ralph Carter, from the original production of Raisin (the musical version), bitterly told Barry Z, "If I was Sean, I could buy me a show too!"

As for buying credibility, how noble it is of Jacko to want to go to Africa right now to fight AIDS! I love when people use a global epidemic to play down their pedophilia charges! (And yes, I'm aware that he's done AIDS work before.)

But back to adult fucking, my spies at the Heatherette show in L.A. say that Dita Von Teese showed off the giant engagement rock given to her by Marilyn Manson (I guess she'll soon be Dita Von Manson), and another wacky couple, Tommy and Pamela Lee, are so not on the (giant) rocks, they were practically doing it at the unofficial after-party. In the bathroom, Tommy even got a peek at Amanda Lepore's gi-normous surgerized vagina and realized it's every bit as real as Pam's, if not more so. Now get away from my trailer!

Connie and Carla's Nia Vardalos at Bar d'O
photo: Cary Conover
Connie and Carla's Nia Vardalos at Bar d'O



"Mario Van Peebles is the first person in cinema history to play his father," crowed critic Henry Louis Gates Jr. after a screening of Baadasssss!, Mario's affectionate, warts-and-all portrayal of how his dad, Melvin Van Peebles, changed the face of movies with his surprise black-tacular Sweet Sweetback's Baadasssss Song in ’71. Being nice and all, I refrained from jumping up and screaming, "But Will Rogers Jr. played his dad in a 1952 biopic!" I politely stayed put and listened to more of the panel discussion, which had Melvin himself bemusedly telling us, "At the time, I was considered a crazy nigger. Now the movie's considered the black aesthetic." Mario has his own bittersweet Sweetback memories. Making his acting debut in the film at 13, he had his Afro shorn "and I lost my cinematic cherry" in a graphic (straight) deflowering scene. But he clearly gained some gay panic. "I could have ended up like RuPaul," cracked Mario, strangely. "I didn't." Too bad, girl. Drag queens can sing.


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