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The New Stalking will be defined by online registries—so telling, so easily accessible and yet untraceable. They're all you need to peruse what the object of your obsession covets. A little electronic list on a public commerce website: They're asking for it (literally) and thus practically begging you to peer into their cabinets, or, in this case, their bedroom. True confession: An ex is engaged, friends tell me. Super. That's swell for him. Really. The New Stalking to the rescue, via, of course. Groom's last name. First initial. Check. Three registries, eh, Mr. Fancypants? Enter the site. Still undetected. And then the slap. Ouch. Mr. and Ms. Fancypants–to-be are registered for that damn DKNY duvet cover (DKNY Urban Garden duvet cover, full/queen, $290) I've coveted for months! My chances with it (the duvet! the duvet!) ruined in an instant. Sigh. I guess I'll have to settle for one of those knockoffs Nicole Miller is peddling at Bed Bath & Beyond. I'll be sure to check the registry there, too, though. Just in case. (; Bed Bath & Beyond, 620 Sixth Avenue, 212.255.3550, and 410 East 61st Street, 646.215.4702,


Joe Dallesandro, Patti D'Arbanville, and Geraldine Smith in Flesh (1968)
photo: Photofest
Joe Dallesandro, Patti D'Arbanville, and Geraldine Smith in Flesh (1968)


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  • Our little secret: We wear Uggs (and will continue to wear them next season when they're "over") because they're so damn soft. We laugh to ourselves as our sistern attempt to scurry around in stilettos. If you're actually afraid to leave the house in them, however, there's a simple solution that makes perfect sense: Ugg slippers (shearling slip-on, $70, shearling mule, $65). Admits one knowledgeable PR exec-footwear fiend: "They're so ugly I take them off when company comes. But I bought my husband a pair." They're lucky; they'll be ugly, but their tootsies will be extraordinarily comfy, together. (; Neiman Marcus, 1200 Morris Turnpike, Short Hills, New Jersey, 877.634.6269, 877.777.5321,


    So soft, so smooth, so friendly to the worker and the common man! American Apparel is a fine, upstanding anti-sweatshop company, and I'm smitten with their sleepwear as well. Their Baby Thermal long-sleeved T-shirt ($26), Fine Jersey muscle T-shirt ($14), and PE shorts ($16), are fine for the boys, but what's really dandy for the dames is their Sheer Jersey Chemise ($28) and Girly Dress ($40) (both from their Classic Girl line). Although the Girly Dress is meant to be outerwear, it also serves as a perfectly adorable flirty and fun nightgown. The chemise and matching T-Back Thong set is the only item in the store that's actually meant to be sleepwear, and unless you like to let your G-stringed cutie patootie fly free in public, that's probably for the best. It's one sexy, soft piece of cotton. The catch, however: The p.c. poster children of AA must be unfamiliar with the word sizest, because their Classic Girl cuts leave a little to be desired by those of us who don't think that girlish and teeny tiny are synonymous. And the Baby Rib Thong is tiny enough, no? So it's weird that they pair each chemise (sizes S, M, and L) with a size #1 (their smallest in undies). (712 Broadway, 646.383.2257; 373 Sixth Avenue, 646.336.6515,


    Lacking the luxury of a guest bedroom, bunking visiting buddies is a challenge. Beautiful Bed Rolls (Mini Floral Bedroll, Turquoise Velvet Stripe Bedroll, Woven Stripe Bedroll, all $100 at Urban Outfitters) are one solution, and when guests are gone you can even use them as decoration for your own bed; propped up against a wall, they make a splendid soft headboard. Other options abound with the Aero inflatable products. The simple original model with built-in pump retails for about $89, the deluxe, complete with "cottony" cover, hovers around $119, and the pièce de resistance, the Raised AeroBed, which rises to the height of a regular bed and costs about $199, all inflate in just a few minutes, and deflate and fold up for easy storage. (Urban Outfitters; Bed Bath & Beyond; AeroBeds,


    Rubber sheets, yeah, they still make them, but why deal with that crinkling noise and sticky feeling? The red-PVC Play Sheet ($35) protects your regular sheets and your mattress from wax, oils, gels, and liquid latex—all of which are conveniently available in myriad varieties from the knowledgeable and welcoming staff at Toys in Babeland. Simply throw the sheet in the washing machine when you're finished. And smile. (Toys in Babeland, 94 Rivington Street, 212.375.1701, and 43 Mercer Street, 212.966.2120,


    We know where you're going to rest your head, but what about your alarm clock, your telephone, your lamp, and personal items of a private nature that you'd like to keep close at hand? The Juxta Drawer ($29.99) sounds like something you'd find at Ikea, but is actually available in Manhattan at the Container Store. Its adorable boxy style is slightly curved and stackable. The drawers come in color combinations such as hot pink and white, orange and white, and black and white (all the drawers are a cloudy plastic that will keep the contents you store safely out of sight), and the aluminum legs can be stored in specially designed slots in the unit base when not in use. (The Container Store, 629 Sixth Avenue, 212.366.4200,

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