Machine Age

Sundays in May at 9 on PBS

If you missed the latest incarnation of Prime Suspect last week, you can comfort yourself with these vintage reruns. These two series originally aired more than a decade ago, introducing us to police officer Jane Tennison, the spikiest female detective ever to grace a TV screen. Extra bonus: Marvel at the sight of Helen Mirren aging gracefully, wrinkles and all.


  • Slice Me, Dice Me: Ugly Ducklings Seek Transformations: The Swan
  • The Hard Rocco Café Can The Restaurant survive its star chef's celebrity lifestyle and still turn a tasty profit?
    Thursdays at 9 on BBC America

    This mockumentary series about two ex-cons returning home to their blue-collar trailer park is apparently a cult favorite in Canada. The shaky camerawork and absence of a laugh track mimic the style of The Office, but the humor doesn't quite make it across the border.

    Thursday, May 6 at 8 on NBC

    In this final episode, Monica overdoses on Botox, Phoebe reveals she's a man, Ross and Chandler get married, Rachel steals Mr. Big from Carrie Bradshaw, and Joey gets his own spin-off. Nah, none of it's true except the last bit, but you stopped watching years ago anyway, right?

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