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Israeli-born photographer Elinor Carucci has lived in New York for the past decade, currently in Chelsea. In 2001, she won the International Center for Photography's Infinity Award for Young Photographer, and the following year, Closer, a collection of her work, was published. VINCE ALETTI

Who do you share your bed with? My guardian angel, my husband Eran.

What size bed do you sleep in? Queen size.

Untitled (Self-Portrait)
photo: Sylvia Plachy
Untitled (Self-Portrait)


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  • What brand of sheets do you use? I don't know the brand, but they're always 100 percent cotton in either red or blue.

    How many pillows? And where did you get them? Just one for each of us, and I took them from my last rented place, because I got so used to them, I had to return for them after we'd already moved out.

    What's your bedspread or blanket like? Where did you get it? We use a down blanket, summer and winter. My mom got it for me in Israel and carried two of them to New York.

    What is your current bedside reading? Living to Tell the Tale by Gabriel García Márquez.

    What else is on your bed table? More books and a ChapStick. Right now it's mostly pregnancy books because I'm pregnant with twins.

    What else do you like to do in bed? Besides sleeping or having sex, you mean? I sometimes edit my work, looking through photographs.

    What's under your bed? The bed frame is placed on four big metal flat files with all my photographs—probably thousands of prints in different sizes—stored there.

    How would you describe the decor of your bedroom? Plain, with some Bukharan elements from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, where parts of my family are from.

    What's the last thing you do before falling asleep? Crawl into my husband's side of the bed, looking to feel him or to be held by him.

    Do you sleep in the nude? Yes, totally nude.

    Veteran Voice photographer Sylvia Plachy lives in Queens. Her next book, due in October from Aperture, is a personal history of Eastern Europe titled Self Portrait With Cows Going Home. V.A.

    Who do you share your bed with? Elliot and the cats.

    What brand of sheets do you use? Old.

    How many pillows? One.

    What's your bedspread or blanket like? Chenille.

    Do you eat in bed? No.

    Do you read in bed? Yes.

    What's your current bedside reading? The Great Fire by Shirley Hazzard.

    What else is on your bed table? Clutter.

    What's under your bed? Dust mites.

    How would you describe the decor of your bedroom? Rummage Renaissance.

    What's the last thing you do before falling asleep? Kiss Elliot.

    Do you sleep in the nude? If not, what do you typically wear to bed? None of your business.

    A 25-year-old native New Yorker, Damion go-go dances at the Slide and finds it richly fulfilling. ("You're just dancing around having a couple of beers and everybody's giving you attention.") But his bedroom in Harlem, it turns out, is not as festive as you'd imagine. MICHAEL MUSTO

    What kind of bed do you sleep in? Full size. Single.

    Single? But you're a go-go boy! Yeah, but nobody ever wants to date a go-go boy. Everybody wants a go-go boy for the night. You can't bring a go-go boy home to your friends or your parents.

    I'll remember that. Do you smoke in bed? Yeah, all the time. It's the best place to smoke. But I've never fallen asleep with a cigarette. I'm pretty conscious when I'm smoking.

    Do you eat in bed too? All the time. I eat right before I go to sleep. I eat to fall asleep. I'll eat a hamburger or rice and beans. Right after I'm smoking.

    What kind of sheets do you use (besides possibly stained)? Todd Oldham from Target. Solid green. They're soft cottony flannel, like T-shirt material.

    Pillows? Martha Stewart from Kmart. White. They work.

    Even if she doesn't. How is your bedroom decorated? I deal with decorators all day at my day job. The last thing I want to do is decorate. My room's cluttered—clothes on top of clothes, furniture on top of furniture.

    Love on top of love? Anyway, what's under your bed besides dust balls? Shoes and dog toys.

    And what, pray tell, is a go-go boy's bedtime reading of choice? Right now it's Wicked and recently, I read Berlin Stories by Isherwood. And I love Maxim magazine—they always have pictures of the bustiest blondes you can find.

    Wait—women? Every gay man has a fetish. Naked women, naked men . . . as long as they're pretty.

    AA Bronson, the only surviving member of the collaborative team known as General Idea, lives in Greenwich Village. His work was in the 2002 Whitney Biennial and a new show, "AA Bronson: Healer," featuring his Butt Spa, opens at John Connelly May 13. He's also embarked on a series of photographic portraits of artists in bed. V.A.

    Who do you share your bed with? Architect Mark Krayenhoff van de Leur

    What size bed do you sleep in? I have been confined to my bed for the last three weeks with a herniated disc, so I have moved my entire life into the narrow confines of our mattress (a queen, of course).

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