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What brand of sheets do you use? The sheets are Linea Notte, a high thread-count set we purchased at Century 21 when we first moved into the apartment, at a fraction of their retail value, natch.

How many pillows? And where did you get them? Four pillows, with Italian shams, also purchased at Century 21.

What's your bedspread or blanket like? Where did you get it? I purchased the heavy red blanket from the weavers' co-op founded by Gandhi. They have an amazing store near the Imperial Hotel in New Delhi. The blanket is rather primitive, handmade, weighs a ton, and I carried it all the way back from India.

Untitled (Self-Portrait)
photo: Sylvia Plachy
Untitled (Self-Portrait)


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  • Do you eat in bed? Absolutely. Here I am eating Gourmet Garage's own sour cream pound cake, with green tea from Takashimaya on Fifth Avenue. For the last three weeks I have been eating all of my meals in bed.

    Do you read in bed? I only read in bed. You can see the latest issue of Nest (their special "Christian" issue) on the bed. There's a heap of Christie's catalogs beside the bed, including the "Prints and Multiples" catalog for the sale on April 28 and 29 (I'm dying to buy the "ACT UP Art Box"). The latest issue of Butt magazine. And Barbara Gowdy's The Romantic.

    What else is on your bed table? My favorite vase from Jonathan Adler's Couture line, a catalog of Verner Panton furniture, a Greek icon of two bearded saints kissing, and two leather cock rings, one with studs, the other with little spikes (ouch!).

    What else do you like to do in bed? I have a wireless Internet connection, so I like to e-mail in bed, update my website aabronson.com, and occasionally surf through porn.

    How would you describe the decor of your bedroom? Non-existent. Archive Building Classic Wallboard Chic. But wait till we move into our new apartment!

    What's the last thing you do before falling asleep? I habitually surf once through 80 channels before muttering something about the crap on TV and immediately falling asleep.

    Do you sleep in the nude? Yes (as you can see). My spouse is scandalized if I try to wear clothes to bed.

    Photographer Ryan McGinley just moved to Chinatown from the Lower East Side. His first New York solo show was at the Whitney Museum last year. His next show opens June 27 at P.S.1 and will be accompanied by a catalog of images made over the past nine months, most dealing with nature and nudity. V.A.

    What size bed do you sleep in? Full.

    What brand of sheets do you use? That's a big obsession of mine. I'm really into textile design, and I've been collecting vintage sheets from the '70s and '80s, usually from the Salvation Army. Any kind of op-art pattern. I think that they're really beautiful, and there aren't really many sheets today that are beautiful. There just aren't that many options.

    How many pillows? And where did you get them? Four, from Kmart, my favorite store to shop at—the one on Astor Place. But I also like going over to Bed Bath & Beyond.

    What's your bedspread or blanket like? Where did you get it? I have duvet covers made up for me. I'll go to a fabric store and buy different types of patterns and have a tailor make them up for me. They go over a comforter that I've had since I was like nine years old, handed down from my brother. The duvet cover goes over the comforter, and I like that underneath it is all that history.

    Do you read in bed? Absolutely.

    What's your current bedside reading? I have about 2,000 photo and art books. I try to spend about an hour each day either before I get up or before I go to sleep looking at those for inspiration. I think it's especially good before you go to sleep, so they get into your dreams.

    What else is on your bedside table? I don't have a bedside table. I'm a master at creating a mess. Not really like a sloppy mess, more like a strategic mess.

    What's under your bed? Nothing, I have a Murphy bed.

    How would you describe the decor of your bedroom? I'm in a loft now—just one big room, and everything's in it: my office, my bedroom, my library. I like everything to be in one room and available at all times.

    What's the last thing you do before falling asleep? Masturbate, of course.

    Do you sleep in the nude? Yes, I've always slept in the nude. I don't like wearing clothes.

    Who do you share your bed with? Nobody. Just me.

    Tristan Taormino with Colten and Jordan
    photo: Sylvia Plachy
    Tristan Taormino is an award-winning writer, editor, and sex educator who writes the Voice's Pucker Up column. She is the author of three books, including True Lust: Adventures in Sex, Porn and Perversion. ELIZABETH ZIMMER

    Where do you live? Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

    Who do you share your bed with? My partner, Colten

    What size bed do you sleep in? Queen

    What brand of sheets do you use? I just got these really cool sheets from Target. I don't usually use a specific brand, but they have to have a really high thread count, like, more than 360.

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