Close Up on Roosevelt Island

Politicians: City Council speaker (and mayoral hopeful) Gifford Miller is a local boy; his mother stumps for him outside the subway station. Island politics are handled, with much controversy, by the Roosevelt Island Operating Committee, a nine-member board of dDirectors appointed by the Governor. Recent attempts by the RIOC to improve the red bus service had the Island's longtime residents preparing tar and feathers and writing outraged letters to the community newspaper.

Island Life: Leafy Main Street
photo: Holly Northrop
Island Life: Leafy Main Street

Crime Stats: Although officially part of the NYPD's 114th Precinct, Roosevelt Island has its own Public Safety Department. Aside from a recent rash of vandalism in the Motorgate parking garage, the neighborhood is quiet; when I called to request statistics on recent murders, rapes, and other violent crimes, the vice president of the RIOC laughed and said, "That's very easy. There haven't been any of those on the Island for years."

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