Cabin Fever

The heat is on—and for a limited time only—so get out of the house and soak it up before it's gone

Do you swing? Would you like to? Gothamites looking for a higher level of warm-weather high jinks might head west to the TRAPEZE SCHOOL NEW YORK. Those athletic and otherwise, six to 60, can sign up for classes in the aerial arts, or perhaps become part of a performance team. (And, yes, safety belts and a reportedly quite soft net are employed at all levels.) The earthbound can amuse themselves with classes in juggling, jestering, and vertical rope. Trapeze School New York, West Street, between piers 34 and 26,, 917.797.1872 SOLOSKI


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  • Garden Party Outside is the perfect setting to cure all that ales you
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  • Hold hands on Saturday afternoons at the outdoor ROLLER RINKS AT CHELSEA PIERS, which combine the thrill of rolling in the open air with the slushies-and-Styx ambience of an indoor rink. The complex also boasts an outdoor skate park with rails, ramps, and other gigantic obstacles for skateboarders, in-line skaters, and BMX riders—and there's even a miniature skate park "playground" for the kiddies. The rinks offer rentals and skills workshops, and host youth and adult roller-hockey leagues. Roller Rinks at Chelsea Piers, Pier 62, 23rd Street and the Hudson River, 212.336.6200, WEINSTEIN

    In Sabrina, "Yale man" Bogie takes the young Audrey Hepburn out for a sail with a picnic lunch and a record player. If you have neither yacht nor yacht club, there are still ways to SAIL IN NEW YORK without capsizing girl or wallet. Try volunteering as a crew on someone else's boat. Sailors are a friendly sort, and they have needs just like other people: While some seek experienced crew for racing, others seek slipshod sorts to sail to Portugal on a moment's notice. Some just want to teach you to sail, see the sunset from water on a Sunday, or share a beer. There's no better way to learn. For a list of area boats, check out FONG

    To convince skeptics that our island's surrounding waters aren't contaminated (and to encourage further river cleanup), the Hudson River Park Trust and Manhattan Island Foundation host six HUDSON RIVER RACES throughout the summer. Novices need not be alarmed—the swims range from 0.5 to 7.8 miles. However, these races are mere practices for the truly trained, who may want to compete in the Manhattan Island Marathon Swim or the New York City Triathlon. Still fearful of our watery environs? Nearby, Chelsea Piers has an extravagant 25-yard swimming pool. Hudson River Park Trust, Pier 40 and West Houston Street, 212.791.2530,; Manhattan Island Foundation, 888.NYC. SWIM, COLE

    Historically, crime rates soar in the summertime. Perhaps Chelsea's Tenth Avenue isn't now a danger zone, but it's just the place for breaking and entering. The HIGH LINE is a disused elevated railway stretching one and a half tantalizingly fenced-off miles. It's fought over by property owners (who want it demolished) and park advocates (who want it turned into an esplanade à la Paris's Promenade Plantée). Though closed to the public, some ingenuity, a flashlight, and a friendly boost allow a moonlit stroll along its desolate, eerily overgrown length. High Line, Tenth Avenue from 14th to 34th streets, SOLOSKI

    The experience from borough to borough may differ, but in many BROOKLYN NEIGHBORHOODS the onset of summer brings about a practice somewhere between the suburban backyard barbeque and an arsonist's disregard for open-flame laws as hibachis and charcoal are fired up right on front stoops and sidewalks. Although the cacophony of the multiple stereos can be a bad mix, the swirling odors of marinades and meats are a treat for a carnivore's senses. And an offer of a chicken wing to a neighbor goes a long way for the bonhomie of these often itinerant 'hoods. MOONEY

    When the sun is scorching, you can GRIN AND BARE IT ALL. Daring, overheated exhibitionists don't have to schlep to Sandy Hook to strip down. At New York's own Lighthouse Park and Robert Moses State Park, and the eastern section of Jacob Riis Park (a favorite of gay men), you can get naked with fellow nudists and booty watchers. Even Jones Beach (eastern end past field 6) allows topless sunbathing. Laws vary (federal law doesn't prohibit nudity; state-run parks only OK going topless), so make sure you're in the nude section. And don't forget the sunscreen. Lighthouse Park, Fire Island National Seashore, Patchogue, New York, 631.289.4810, for state parks and for federal parks. BUSSEL

    A tradition grows in Brooklyn's Prospect Park and you're welcome to join in. Started by the CONGO SQUARE DRUMMERS over 30 years ago, this informal outdoor jam session of improvised beats and the occasional familiar tune thrown in attracts musicians of all levels, dancers, and even vendors, in a spirited celebration of African culture and joy. So bring a drum and get it on—bang a gong. Every Sunday at 2, the Drummer's Grove, Prospect Park, East Lake Drive, Parkside Avenue and Ocean Avenue entrance, 718.965.8951 ABER

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