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By the way, the stunning Mr. Jackman entered and exited the brunch fairly early, which was good, said a publicist; "Otherwise, he would have tilted the whole room." I can only imagine what he said in his interviews: "My wife . . . "


And the winner for best new couple is . . . It's a tie between Queer Eye's THOM FILICIA and publicist GREG CALEJO, and Eternal Sunshine etc. director MICHEL GONDRY and LARRY CLARK's ex, TIFFANY LIMOS, who clearly likes older men, especially directors. In fact, Limos recently e-mailed me saying Gondry wanted to do something for the Voice, but the next day she took it back without explanation. A positive sign followed by a condemnation from God? Nah, I didn't like Eternal Sunshine anyway.


Comments overheard at the Troy premiere party: "Loved the horse"; "Achilles—what a heel"; "The sexpot looked great in a skirt—and so did the girl"; and, from the Monkees' MICKEY DOLENZ, "I love blood-sweat-tears-sex-women-horse-and-sand kind of things!" Contrarily, DANIEL LETTERLE, the star of the movie Camp, was screeching, "Awful!"—but then again, he also spent the night chewing me out for trashing Camp, and I was the one who liked it!

"You stole my table!" exclaimed Troy's adapter, DAVID BENIOFF, the only attractive screenwriter in history. True, but once a giddy BONO sat on JULIAN SCHNABEL's lap right next to me, no one would throw me out, thinking I might be—or at least know—someone. What did Benioff cut out of the source material besides the gay love? "The gods!" he replied. "On my tombstone it'll say 'Why did you cut the gods?' But if you saw Zeus standing atop Mount Olympus, it would be a different movie. Even Olivier couldn't make that not seem cheesy." So Benioff, basically, is a heathen? "I'm a total heathen, unless the plane hits turbulence," he admitted, looking quite smooth.


Extra! Extra!: Ben Widdicombe, who works for New York Daily News gossips Rush and Molloy, is getting his own column in that paper on weekends. Great—more competition for me!

In sadder news, Bar D'O, the sleek drag entertainment boite for open-minded oglers, is bye-bye, the rent raise having become a drag.

Moving on to a drag inspiration, I hear crinoline-wearing kook Cyndi Lauper will most likely be the next Audrey in Broadway's Little Shop of Horrors, casting that's so perfect it's amazing it took so long for the "True Colors" gal to be up there singing "Somewhere That's Green." But spies say someone that's Greene—namely Ellen Greene, the original Audrey—wouldn't mind another chance at the role, though producers have been resistant. What horrors!


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