Close-Up on Tudor City

Politicians: City Councilman Eva S. Moskowitz, State Assemblyman Steven Sanders, State Senator Liz Krueger, and Congressman Carolyn B. Maloney (all Democrats).

An urban oasis
photo: Holly Northrop
An urban oasis

Crime Stats: Since all but one of the buildings have 24-hour doorman service, there is, according to Corcoran, no crime to speak of in the apartments or on the streets. Nonetheless, the 17th Precinct serves Tudor City as well as much of the eastern half of midtown. As of April 11, the 17th reported zero murders (same as last year); three rapes, up two from the previous year to date; 25 robberies, down 6; 18 felonious assaults, down 5; 53 burglaries, up 6. Overall, crime is up 4.2 percent in the precinct.

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