Say What?


  • A Look Backward Reagan took New Dealer Demos for a rideóand he never returned them
  • Something Smells Padilla's alleged gas plot reeks; so does Justice's 'openness'
  • Getting Info Will Be Sheer Torture
  • Bush Takes a Ride in Reagan's Wake Days of mourning, days of campaigning
  • Video Gallery: James Ridgeway reports from the 9-11 Hearings, and more.

    Additional reporting: Oorlagh George, Alicia Ng, Diana Ferrero, and Alexander Provan

    "The only way we ever found him [Saddam Hussein] is finally somebody put enough pressure on enough people to find out that somebody had an idea where somebody might know somebody who might know somebody who would know where he might have been." —Donald Rumsfeld, to sailors and marines aboard the U.S.S. Essex in Singapore, 6.4.04