Gipper Gore

Responses to the Voice's coverage of Ronald Reagan's death

Americans have never really quite bought into Reaganomics. That is why you hear so much praise of his personality instead of his policy. There was always something fishy about the arguments that tried to persuade the average working-class American to support the demise of organized labor and the exporting of higher-paying manufacturing jobs overseas. That is why conservatives always have to be on a crusade against some evil empire or axis of evil with WMDs, lest the faithful start asking questions about their ridiculous policies.

Louisville, Kentucky

Time After Time

Anyone can write hate-filled dribble, that is, anyone without any morality, which is typical of a loony liberal like Carson. A hundred years from now, when someone mentions President Reagan, history will remember him as one of our greatest presidents. In 25 years, no one will remember or care for Tom Carson in the slightest way, shape, or form.

Howard Air Force Base, Panama

Doom: The Leftist Mood

Your hatchet job on Ronald Reagan provides further validation that monuments are never erected to memorialize critics. Yellow journalism has reached a new low with this bacteria count on the milk of human kindness. Those of your ilk are so jaded by their anti-Judeo-Christian worldview, that they look upon patriotism, truth, decency, and principled standards of behavior as weaknesses of the human condition.

You may be able to sell your buffalo chips to the Michael Moore look-alikes in your reading audience, but they don't pass the smell test with those Americans who refuse to be seduced by the leftist prophets of doom and gloom.

Houston, Texas

O, Canada

I have the same reaction to Bush Jr. as I did to Reagan: Renew my passport. Fine piece about a giant liar who fooled himself and couldn't be held accountable because he was so convincingly sincere.

Los Angeles, California

Mr. Nunneley, Tear Down This Wall

Whether you like or dislike Reagan's politics, he had a positive influence on our world. He changed East Germany from a nation that shot its own citizens as they tried to leave into a nation that tore down its Berlin Wall and rejoined greater Germany. You gain nothing by showing the world that you can be petty and small by attacking a man who is no longer alive to defend himself.

Birmingham, Alabama

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