Michael Iadarola
Bay Ridge

Gary Indiana replies: A careful reading of my essay in its entirety, rather than one installment of it, would indicate to most readers that the conspiracist ideation I describe in it is far from my own, and that I happen to agree, more often than not, with Chomsky's analysis of the institutional structure of unfettered capitalism. Essential to that structure, by the way, is the promotion of ignorance and superstition, in the form of egregious conspiracy theories, among the classes that only get to wear funny costumes on Halloween. I disagree with Chomsky about the Kennedy assassination, which was probably a mob hit, and ergo an authentic conspiracy (yes, Dorothy, they do exist), whether or not "ye ol' cabal table" was wheeled in to settle the arrangements.

Prisons, Politics, Palindromes: Tenet

Re James Ridgeway's "Tenet Gets the Bum's Rush" [Mondo Washington, villagevoice.com, June 3] In all the brouhaha about Tenet's resignation and the Pentagon's role in fostering the atrocities at Abu Ghraib and other prisons in and outside Iraq, why is there no discussion of the Office of Special Plans? This White House entity, apparently run by Wolfowitz and Cheney, seems to have been one of the centers for development of pro-war propaganda. This then negates allegations that Tenet and the CIA were responsible for the false and hyped information Bush used to persuade Congress to give him authority to invade and occupy Iraq.

Susan Hogg
Newport, Oregon

Blame game

Re James Ridgeway's "This Made Ashcroft Gag" [Mondo Washington, May 26-June 1]: September 11 was an extremely atrocious event. However, when people begin to point fingers, play the blame game, and throw out random speculation as to alternative outcomes, it seems that we miss the point, and no lesson is learned. A hard lesson this was indeed, and one in which our blindness may not have been as innocent as the government might have us believe. Even so, these specifics need to be looked at with a discerning eye, and not with sensationalist comments such as those wondering if we could have evacuated a building had we had the proper advance warning from the government. Who is to say what will or could happen in an instant? The terrorists were not exactly broadcasting their intentions.

Rhiannon Hemsted
Marina del Ray, California

Teena Marie Now

Re Amy Linden's "Erratic City" [June 9-15]:

Obviously, Linden doesn't appreciate good music. La Dona is classic Teena Marie. Not Teena Marie from 12 years ago, but Teena Marie now. She's a more mature woman who's sharing her gift (that beautiful voice) with those who can appreciate talent.

Denise Wilcher
Washington, D.C.

Keep out the Bushes

Re James Ridgeway's "The Second Coming" [Mondo Washington, June 2-8]:

McCain is a likable gent, and has the moral decency to tell Bush to take a walk if approached with the offer to take Cheney's place. I do not believe Cheney will go anywhere because he owns Bush, lock, stock, and barrel.

You are wrong, though, about Bush being a shoo-in if McCain should add himself to the ticket. Baby Bush will never get a second term at leadership of this country. He's done nothing over the past four years. We've had an overdose of his "shoot now and ask questions later" mentality, ass-kissing of the fundamental religionists, and robbing us of everything democratic we stood for in the eyes of the world.

Sylvia Barksdale
Lynnfield, Massachusetts

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