Pier 54, W 13th & the Hudson River, Sun at 4

The main event enters adulthood: A whole gaggle of lucky homos will find themselves among the glittering Who's Who of New York gaydom to top the day's parade with some long . . . hot . . . steaming . . . pier. Some folks will call it a night after the fireworks' grand finale. But for others, the beats of DJ Tony Moran and Robbie Leslie will just be a warm-up for a late night. $ ADKISON

The Center, 208 W 13th, 212.620.7310, Sat at 9

You never plan on blowing all the rent money on Pride, but somehow it mysteriously happens anyway. You might feel less guilty if you attend this party that benefits (and takes place at) the Center, hosted by Lesbian Pride Dance. Three floors are spit-and-polished for this fete with DJ Oriza and Rachael (yes, that Rachael of the defunct Gloss) rocking various tunes. Go-go's and the illustrious Maine tie it all together. $ FRANKLIN

Pepper, 95 Leonard, Fri at 9

"Desi + queer + fab = Desilicious," boast organizers, and they don't mean Ricky Ricardo. At this Pride celebration DJs Ashu Rai, Joel, and DuttyFlex will rock two queer-filled floors of desis and non-desis with bhangra, Indo-Caribbean, hard house, '80s, and "chutney soca reggae." And those who haven't seen Bollywood drag yet (think The Pink Mirror) are in for an eyeful at the midnight drag-athon. $ ADKISON

Pier 62, Hudson River Park, 22nd & Westside Hwy, 212.865.0542, Sat at 2

Let's be real, we—boys and girls—rarely rub elbows at grand-scale bashes, so why not give it a go this year? The king of circuit parties, Manny Lehman, is coming through with his vocal, tribalish house records, and all proceeds benefit the HIV Law Project. Everyone can get all sweaty together in the sun like one big happy family, plus rumor has it that there's a celeb performance in store. No disclosures here! $ FRANKLIN

Heaven, 579 Sixth Ave, 212.539.3982,, Sat from 2 p.m. to 4 a.m.

The Latinas will be out in full force for Julie's New York's all-day hurrah. Three levels filled with the sounds of hip-hop, reggaeton, salsa, cumbia, and more and a performance by Lovari will have the ladies shimmying in no time. There's a buffet from 2 to 5 p.m. and New York Liberty giveaways including tix to their games. At midnight, one lucky lady will be receiving 1,000 bucks in cash! Hollah! $ FRANKLIN

Heaven, 579 Sixth Ave, 212.539.3982, Fri at 11

Who would have thought the day would come in New York when a boîte boasting indoor smoking would be reason enough to go check it out? Well, this spot says that puffing inside is allowed, and not only that, it also has the 2004 Choice Award winner for Most Exciting Dancer, Oohzee, doing backbreaking acrobatics as local DJs Missy B and Trini work the Technics. $ FRANKLIN

Leaves from Pier 40, W Houston & the Hudson River, Sat from midnight to 5 a.m.

Candis Cayne, Girlina, Shasta Cola, and some very naughty cohorts take their High Life shtick to the Lido Deck, while down on the Aloha Deck DJ Corey Tut presides over a dancefloor full of bottom-dwellers doing things that would have driven Vicki Stubing overboard. They'll be swabbing the decks on Sunday morning. $$ ADKISON

Spirit, 17 W 19th, Sun at 10

Jupiter is the giant planet, so the name fits: This is gonna be one gargantuan gala. Junior Vasquez, famous for his impossibly long sets (sometimes over 12 hours), headlines this return to his former stomping grounds. But the title of the shindig actually refers to a ditty by ballad-crooning 26-year-old Casey Stratton. Beat-savvy partygoers will be raring to hear how Junior works Stratton's slow-dancers into the jam. $$ ADKISON

Crobar, 530 W 28th, 212.629.9000,, Sat from 10 p.m. to 10 a.m.

This could be the event, as Calderone writes on his website, that'll "blow everyone away." Dancers will find themselves immersed in artwork, enclosed in a giant dome, and bombarded with 3-D IMAX images, psychedelic patterns, and of course, the music. DJ That Kid Chris and Astrid Suryanto join the show. At the parade, you'll be able to spot who stuck out this 12-hour mind-bender by the way they're dozing off during the marching bands. $$ ADKISON

Club Shelter, 20 W 39th, Sat at 10

Lovergirl NYC—which is usually confined to one floor—has been unleashed as the ground level is opened for raunchy cavorting times two. The newly renovated space is the perfect environment for a little show-and-tell as DJ Trini and Missy B play house upstairs and Mary Mac spins hip-hop, r&b, and reggae down below. Bawdy displays onstage by the D.C. Badd Girls and Lady Madonna. $$ FRANKLIN

212.926.8822,, Wed, Fri & Sat at 11

Some might say this safe-sex "underwear party" put the D and L in discerning language: Organizers invite "young, in-shape, and attractive black and Latino men" to participate in a four-day Pride Week blowout celebrating Ndahood's eighth anniversary. Call or check out the website for more information. ADKISON

Crobar, 540 W 28th, Sun at 11

Could this year's "Odyssey" be an homage to The Iliad? I wish. If they could get Brad Pitt to come in a skirt, I'd shell out 80 bucks to be there. Sadly, the goddess has intervened in my reverie—ads for this Pride "jubilation" depict a phallic spaceship floating in a solar system which is probably a nod to the long-runner's recent voyage from the Sound Factory to a new frontier at Crobar. Resident DJ Abel spins. $$ ADKISON

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